Yohimbine Hcl , Synephrine Hcl and Caffeine


Synephrine HCL is a weight loss ingredient that is found in Citrus Arantium fruit called bitter orange. This is the reason Synephrine HCL is largely found as an ingredient in many dietary supplements for weight loss. Synephrine HCL is having similarity with ephedrine though not as potent as ephedrine is. Synephrine HCL got its popularity when the United States banned ephedrine. Synephrine is a form of alkaloid which is available in plenty in bitter orange. Research study shows that a typical 16oz bitter orange juice contain around 27mg of synephrine . You will also find the synthetic alternative of synephrine hcl that would certainly produce the equivalent result to the body when taken.

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Yohimbine HCL is an alkaloid that is extracted from the yohimbe and sold as a prescription drug in various stores in the US. As a weight loss and fat loss supplement yohimbine HCL works by increasing metabolism and blood flow. What makes it very effective is the fact that it is able to allow the release of fatty acids in what is referred to as stubborn fat. When one experiences excessive body fat or weight is as a result of two receptors in the nervous system being affected. These two receptors are the catecholamine and adrenergic. 

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Yohimbine, Synephrine and Caffeine stack

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